How Expert Mold Protection in Alexandria, VA Benefits Homeowners

The world is full of mold and most of it is harmless to humans. However, when the fungus settles into a home and begins to grow, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage as well as health issues. With that in mind, many homeowners rely on professionals for Mold Protection in Alexandria VA. Specialists can find and destroy destructive mold. Experts like PMSI Mold Treatment Division remove fungi safely and apply treatments that leave homes healthier.

Homeowners Stop Mold Damage

Customers often search for Mold Protection in Alexandria VA after noticing that family members are developing breathing problems like asthma or that allergies are getting worse. Clients may also see stains on walls and black spots on surfaces. These signs all indicate that mold spores are thriving and spreading in homes. All that the fungus needs to grow is humidity, warmth and a food source. Unfortunately, nearly everything in a home feeds mold. Professional remediation specialists use advanced equipment and industry-approved methods to stop the damage by locating and correcting the reasons for mold and then destroying all fungi.

Experts Safely Remove Mold

Professional mold remediation includes the safe removal of all growths. Experts use methods that are far different from DIY techniques. When homeowners try to eliminate mold, they usually only remove surface fungus. Most efforts disturb mold and send spores into the air where they circulate through vents and eventually grow in other areas. Experts locate every growth and its source. They correct problems like high humidity and foundation leaks. Many recommend dehumidifiers. Specialists contain mold and eliminate it safely

Treatments Make Homes Healthier

Once technicians remove mold from homes, they implement preventative measures. In some cases experts clean duct systems to eliminate buildups of toxins and spores. They also treat surfaces using agents that kill fungus and prevent it from returning. Treatments also remove dangerous pollutants that include bacteria and viruses linked to E. coli, MRSA and herpes simplex 1 and 2.

Expert residential mold removal protects customers’ property by halting the growth of the destructive fungus. Experts find and fix problems that cause mold to grow in homes and then remove all growths. Technicians also treat affected areas with agents that prevent regrowth and kill many dangerous viruses and bacteria. Browse the site for more information.

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