How Does Law Enforcement Insurance in Philadelphia Work

When police officers do their jobs, you count on them to make the right decisions and handle every situation based on their training to resolve issues positively. However, officers are human and can make mistakes that lead to lawsuits, damaging their reputation and causing financial strain on your department. To help mitigate these issues, you can get the right coverage to handle these problems with law enforcement insurance in Philadelphia.

Legal Fees

If someone sues a police officer or your police department, you will need to hire a legal team to represent you. The good news is that law enforcement insurance in Philadelphia includes payment for lawyers and other legal services to help support your case. So you can focus on building your defense with an experienced lawyer without worrying about how much it will cost. Check the maximum coverage for legal fees to ensure you buy a policy that will meet your needs.


In addition to legal fees, law enforcement insurance in Philadelphia will cover damages awarded to the other party. Removing the financial burden from the police department and the officer involved ensures your officers can perform their job with confidence. For instance, if a medical emergency arises during a call, an officer may not want to risk performing CPR for fear of being sued. With the proper law enforcement insurance in Philadelphia, the officer is more likely to focus on their job without wondering if there will be negative repercussions.

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