How Does Fracking Work?

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a fairly recent mining innovation that allows companies to extract natural gas deposits from rock. While it has been around since 1947, most companies have only recently begun to utilize the technology. It works by breaking the rocks apart to release the natural gas, but what is actually going on here? Fracking is something of hot-button issues at the moment, especially in areas where it is used. However, most agree it is a great way to reduce the US dependence on foreign oil. Fracking requires many parts from the fracking fluids to the fracturing pumps plungers made in Weatherford TX. Here are some things you need to be aware of about this mining method.

Fracking Fluids

One of the most important things in fracking is the fluid. Contrary to what most people think, fracking fluid is not some a harmful chemical mixture. It is usually just water and sand with a thickening agent. This is then injected into the rock at extremely high pressures to break them apart. This fluid is the main argument people are using fracking again, but the fear is unfounded.


To make sure the operation is proceeding safely and effectively the fracture must be monitored. This is usually done with a radioactive tracer that is injected into the rock as well. This allows surveyors to keep an eye on the fracture and make sure it is not getting too large or behaving in a concerning way.

While many people oppose hydraulic fracturing for its potential environmental impact, it is one of the most effective methods of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Through fracking, the US can produce far more natural gas than through other methods. This is simply because the natural gas is trapped in the rock and needs to be released.

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