How Does a Technician Repairs Car Scratches?

One of the most common types of repairs done to cars is known as car scratch repair, and though many owners think that a scratch can be buffed out or just touched up with some paint, the reality is that it is an issue best dealt with by an expert technician. Why? It is simple – a scratch may be a surface matter, or it may be related to a bit of a fender bender. Either way, it has compromised the clear coating and even the metal beneath, making it possible for rust or further problems to occur. At that time, it becomes an issue for an expert.

What They Do

If you ask experts in the auto industry, they would tell you that a collision reconditioning tech is a very hot field to enter because there are always going to be accidents and there will always be the need for effective car scratch repair. While they will be using a lot of the same techniques that a DIY advocate might use, the simple fact is that the techs have far more advanced equipment and materials available. For instance, they can buff out a minor scratch, but they do not leave it at that. They typically also use an epoxy paint that ensures the scratch doesn’t further jeopardize the good looks and the stability of the paint.

Beyond the Basics

The techs are also fully qualified to do things such as pushing or vacuuming out dents and dings, to ensure your vehicle is restored to its original, aerodynamic and safe condition. If a crack is deep and not a candidate for buffing, the tech is going to be able to use a specialty filler and then use professional gear to paint and restore the vehicle, leaving the repair undetectable to the naked eye. Should the piece need reinforcement, it is a tech who knows how to use specialty meshes and other painting techniques to take care of the repair.

Getting Started with a Repair

Whether it was a scuff that left your otherwise perfect car looking a bit battered or an actual accident that left the bumper, side panel, door or another area with a few deep gouges and scratches, you want expert car scratch repair in Denver. The team at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision has the equipment, expertise and desire to make perfect repairs and get your vehicle back to its original condition.

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