How Does a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in Dallas TX Work?

Reverse osmosis is a technology that is employed to remove impurities from water. It does so by pushing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. Drinking water that has been put through a reverse osmosis process is the purest water that is available in a home.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

Osmosis is the process of pushing water molecules passing through a semi-permeable membrane. Pressure is applied to water that contains a high concentration of contaminants. The contaminated water passes through a semi-permeable membrane and porous paper. The result is water with a lower contaminate concentration.

The membrane acts somewhat like a filter. The holes in the “filter” are extremely small. As water is forced through under pressure, microscopic contaminants are removed, resulting in water of the highest quality.

A typical system consists of three canisters that are fitted to a common manifold. One canister contains the membrane. The other two contain carbon filters.

There are three stages involved.


The first stage of the process removes larger sediment, including dissolved solids. This is done to protect the membrane. The filter that does this is a “carbon block” filter.

Reverse osmosis works best when you start with high-quality water. The system makes good water and turns it into great water. Reverse osmosis is not suitable when the source water is hard. To bring hard water to the point where it can be further improved through reverse osmosis, it should first go through a water softener.

The Membrane

The membrane is the real magic of a reverse osmosis water filter in Dallas TX. The pre-filtered water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane under pressure. Reverse osmosis filtering systems reduce the concentration of lead, fluoride, cadmium, copper, and other unwanted contaminants.

The third stage is to pass the water through a second carbon filter that removes any contaminates that slipped through the membrane. Once these three filtration stages are complete, the water is held in a storage tank until needed. Visit Website for more info.