How Do I Make The Most of My AC Service Contract?

When you purchased the new air conditioning system, you decided to invest in a service contract along with the warranty protections. With those in place, it makes sense to utilize all the support that many of the residential air conditioning services in Tucson provide. Here are three ways to get the most out of your contract and ensure your unit remains in top condition.

Always Have the Annual Inspection

The terms of your contract include one free inspection per calendar year. Make it a point to contact the service provider after they send out the reminder about that annual inspection. Getting that done early on makes it easier to spot potential issues with the air conditioner and correct them before they can become major problems.

Take Advantage of the Periodic System Maintenance

Many residential air conditioning services in Tucson area include routine maintenance calls in their service contracts. That’s great, since those quick checks ensure everything is working properly. You’ll also get some great advice during those calls, like changing the filter more often is you have pets in the house. You can bet that making the time for those calls will help keep the system in better shape.

Call Immediately When Something’s Not Right

Most contracts include at least some service calls free of charge. If you notice anything about the system that is not working as it should, call immediately. Along with preventing potential damage to the unit, there’s a good chance the issue can be resolved the same day. That means you don’t have to deal with the heat for more than a few hours.

Remember that the goal of most residential air conditioning services in Tucson is to ensure their clients have fully functional air conditioning at all times. Know the protections you have in place and call for help when needed. In the long run, you’ll add years of life to the system.

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