How Can You Tell if Your Roofing Company is Trustworthy?

If you are in need of a new roof, there’s not a lot of time to wait. Every day it isn’t fixed is a day that it can be getting worse, and your home won’t be fully protected from the elements. However, with hiring contractors comes the danger of being ripped off. So, you need to be sure when you hire a roofer that you can trust them. Here are a few things to look for, and a few things to beware of.

Beware: Bid without Inspection
No two roofs are the same, and no two roofing jobs are the same. Therefore, when you’re shopping for roofing, it’s not one-sized-fits-all. If the company names a price offhand without looking at your specific house to make the quote, then that price may just be a made up number.

Look For: Proof of Insurance
Feel free to ask them for their proof of insurance upfront. If they are uneasy about it, or refuse to produce it, you know right there that they probably aren’t above board.

Beware: Low Prices
Obviously, you want to be able to shop for a deal, but watch out for any company that is offering extremely low prices. They probably cut corners, both with materials and with labor, and what you don’t want is to find out you hired poor craftsmanship a week after your new roof is in.

Look For: A Warranty
A good roofing company will want to safeguard their reputation, and will want you to be confident in your roof and recommend them to others. Therefore, most good roofing companies St. Augustine offer a warranty, in case their work isn’t up to scratch the first time. If a company does not offer a warranty, that is definitely a warning sign.

Beware: Door to Door Roofing
If you have a guy at your door telling you that your roof looks like it needs repair, and he’s the one to do it, it’s probably a scam. Companies just don’t advertise door to door anymore, they do it on the internet and in the papers.

If you can, go with a local company. Local companies are involved in the community, have a larger stake in a good reputation, and will likely have worked with your neighbors. If you live in St. Augustine, you should choose a roofing company that’s based out of St. Augustine to have the best results. HW Contracting is the roofing company to call for quality work and excellent service.