How Can the Emergency Dentist in Wildwood Repair Your Tooth Injuries?

There is nothing worse than injuring your tooth and not being able to get in to see your dentist. This is especially true if you are in pain because of the injury. Fortunately, there are now many dental offices that are offering emergency dental care. This allows people with dental emergencies to be seen promptly, even if they do not have an appointment. Through the Emergency Dentist in Wildwood, your tooth can be repaired and stabilized, so you are no longer at risk.

What are the Available Methods for Tooth Repair?

*     Minor cracks in your teeth are typically the easiest to repair. The Emergency Dentist in Wildwood will use a special dental cement or resin compound to fill these cracks and then will quickly harden them with a light. Once hardened, the compound becomes a part of your tooth and effectively seals off any cracks, so food and other debris cannot enter them. This also helps to strengthen your tooth, so you do not suffer further damage.

*     Breaks can occur when your tooth is no longer stable because of decay. If your tooth breaks off, the only fix is to smooth any rough edges and fill the tooth. Sometimes, the broken piece leaves such a gaping hole, the tooth is no longer salvageable. If this occurs, your dentist may decide to cap your tooth, to ensure it is fully protected.

*     If you experience blunt trauma, such as in a car accident or sports injury, your tooth could be knocked out completely. This is no reason to panic. You will need to place the tooth in some cool water and get to the Emergency Dentist in Wildwood as soon as possible. In many cases, a procedure can be carried out to put your tooth back in.

If you are in need of emergency, general or Cosmetic Dentistry services, visit Cape May Family Dental. They can provide you and your family with a wide array of dental services to meet your every need. Contact them today and schedule your appointment, so your teeth and gums can stay as healthy as possible and your smile can be improved.

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