How Can Palatine Divorce Lawyers Help You With Legal Parenting Issues?

Divorce, child custody, and other family law cases used to cause major backlogs in the Circuit Court of Cook County. In recent years, the Illinois Supreme Court and the State Bar Association have worked together to alleviate family law bottlenecks, and the new Rule 909 is a solid step in this regard. With this rule, Palatine divorce lawyers can better assist clients who need to resolve parenting issues such as custody agreements and visitation schedules.

Rule 909 is inspired by various efforts such as the Pretrial Fairness Act of 2021 to reform the state court system. The goal is to establish a process for resolving disputes about child support and parenting time without stepping foot in the courtroom. This rule is being implemented in 2023, and it allows circuit family courts to adopt measures conducive to alternative dispute resolution. Once a judicial circuit completes the implementation process, spouses going through divorce can sit down with court-appointed coordinators who will guide them towards a parenting agreement that is in the best interest of children.

All measures developed to alleviate family court dockets across Illinois are welcome, but parents should careful when attending coordination meetings, particularly when they involve child custody matters. When you attend these sessions, you need to have Palatine divorce lawyers by your side; otherwise, you will run a risk of your interests not being represented. Rule 909 does not eliminate the need for legal counsel in delicate situations such as legal issues related to parenting.

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