How Can an Implant Dentist in Orland Park IL Improve Your Smile?

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Dentistry

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One of the biggest reasons smile restoration services are needed is because of missing teeth. People end up missing teeth due to birth defects, cavities, gum disease and injuries. Years ago, most people ended up getting partials or dentures to replace their teeth. Today, there is another option available, that is permanently able to replace any missing teeth you have, no matter how many. With the help of an Implant Dentist in Orland Park IL, your smile can be transformed in a matter of weeks.

How Can Dental Implants Restore Your Smile?

When you first go in to see the Gregory T. Germino D.D.S Implant Dentist in Orland Park IL, you will be given a complete examination and have X-rays taken. This will show exactly how many teeth are missing and if there are any health concerns that would need to be addressed before you have implants put in. Dental implants are put in through an outpatient procedure in your dentist’s office. Done under either local or general anesthesia, this procedure first places the titanium anchors into your jawbone. These anchors bond with the bone in your jaw and as the bone tissue begins to grow around them, they become completely stable and able to hold your artificial teeth.

You can expect to heal for a few weeks before the dentist has you come back in. This will allow your anchors to become firmly seated and your gum tissue to heal. Once the dentist has fully examined you and feels you are ready, each artificial tooth will be placed on each anchor. This completes your smile and makes it look better than you ever imagined.

It is important you are careful in maintaining your new teeth. Your dentist will give you ample instruction on the care you need to take, so you do not experience damage. If one of your teeth becomes damaged, the dentist can remove the artificial tooth and replace it

If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn about dental implants, visit . They can provide you with complete dental care, so your smile stays healthy.