How Can a Knowledgeable Disability Attorney Assist You in Getting Approved?

Filing for disability is not always an easy process. Many people end up being denied when they first file. Some people decide on giving up after a denial, because they no longer feel like fighting for their rights. This is when having a Knowledgeable Disability Attorney working on your side can make a big difference. The attorney can help you in filing or assist you through the appeals process. Since you will not be required to pay until you win your case, this makes it even easier to hire an attorney and get the help you need.

What Happens During the Filing Process?

To file for disability, you first need two medical doctors to state in writing you are permanently disabled. They must also present a diagnosis and prognosis. This will be used to prove your disability. You will certainly be denied without this medical information being provided. When you meet with your attorney, he or she will have you to sign a medical release. This release will allow your attorney to obtain all of your medical records for your case.

Once your paperwork has been filed, you will have to wait to hear back. Many first time filers are denied. Even if you receive a denial in your case, this does not mean you cannot continue to pursue your rights to benefits. Your Knowledgeable Disability Attorney can file an appeal on your behalf. This means your case will be heard before a judge. The judge will listen to all of the medical evidence provided and will make the final determination on your case.

Once approved, you will receive a lump sum payment dating back to the first date you filed. This payment will be used to pay your attorney and the remaining amount will be given to you. After this initial payment is given, you will receive monthly payments as scheduled.

If you are beginning the process of filing for disability or have been denied, contact the Law Center for Social Security Disability. They can provide you with all of the assistance you need in working towards getting an approval for your disability.