How Can a Drug Lawyer in Lebanon Help Your Case?

If you have a drug problem, most likely you are going to eventually get caught in some type of drug charge. When this happens, you can be facing anything from fines to jail time. It is important for you to know that even though you have committed a crime, you still have rights. You have the right to hire a lawyer and receive the representation that you need in your case. Depending on your charges, a Drug Lawyer in Lebanon can make a big difference in your case.
If you have been arrested because of drug possession, intent to sell or for selling drugs, there are many different charges that you can face. Some of these carry misdemeanor charges and some are felonies. Your charges will also depend on your previous arrest record and if you have ever had a drug charge before. If you have a prior record, you could most likely face jail time. It is important that you get a lawyer who can represent you in your case. This is not the time to try and represent yourself alone.
One of the first things that your Drug Lawyer in Lebanon will do is to try and get you into drug rehab. The judge will most likely order it at your trial so it is better for you to go on your own and not be forced. This shows the judge that you are truly serious about wanting to change and getting the help that you need to do so. Your lawyer may also have you involved in drug and alcohol courses and in counseling. Any measures that you can take to make yourself look better before the judge can greatly help.
Your lawyer will work to get your charges lessened as much as possible. Depending on your prior record and what programs you are getting involved in, he or she may be able to get your felony reduced or your lower charges dropped. While no case can ever be guaranteed, having a lawyer representing you can make a big difference and ensure that your rights are fully protected. If you are facing drug charges, contact Law Offices of Sodomsky and Nigrini today.