How Brookfield, WI, Homeowners Can Prepare to Have a Slate Roof Installed

It is wise for a homeowner to prepare for a roof replacement to be done. However, there are some circumstances where preparation is especially beneficial.

If a homeowner decides to have their roof replaced using asphalt shingles, they will definitely want to take steps to prepare their family and property. However, if a homeowner opts for slate roof installation in Brookfield, WI, they should understand that due to the weight of the roofing material, more damage could potentially happen if it falls. This would mean that a homeowner would want to walk around their property in the days before the project takes place and move items like patio furniture, grills, lawn ornaments, and potted plants to areas where they will be safe.

During a slate roof installation in Brookfield, WI, it is important to remove satellite dishes and antennas. The homeowner will need to call their satellite or cable provider to decide to have this done before the roofing work starts. If a person has an old unit on their roof that does not work, the contractor may be able to remove it and dispose of it for the homeowner.

It is important to take steps to protect belongings in the home. It may be wise to reinforce light fixtures. The homeowner could take pictures and shelves off the walls since the machinery used on the roof will cause vibrations and could cause these items to fall.

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