How Bail Bonds in Des Moines, IA Work for You

When people are arrested and charged with a crime, the judge will often allow them to post bail and leave jail until their trial date arrives. A bail bondsman service may be needed if the accused doesn’t have enough money to pay the court to go home and await the court appearance date.

The practice of posting bond is carried out for a couple of reasons. Presently, the jails are extremely overcrowded. Not housing non-violent criminals helps alleviate the space. The most beneficial reason for posting bail is to assure the appearance of the accused to show up in court on the appointed date. Bail Bonds in Des Moines, IA have representatives available 24/7 who will provide bail money to the courts to allow the accused to be released. It is not a long process to get a bail bond company to pay the bail. They need to know the name of the accused, how much bail is needed, details of the crime and in which jail the accused is located.

Depending on the nature of the crime, criminal history and the total amount of the bond, it is not unusual for the accused to need a co-signer with the bond company. Someone who co-signs for the accused offers added security for the bail bond company. If the accused fails to show up, the co-signer is responsible for the entire bond amount, plus fees.

Once the accused has been arraigned and the bail amount is set by the judge. Fifteen percent of the bail amount must be paid to have the accused released. A bail bondsman will come to the courthouse and agree to pay the bail for a fee from the accused. The accused will promise to show up for court so that the bonds man will retrieve the money posted. Should the accused not show up for court, the bonds man will lose the amount posted and will then seek out the accused to recover the lost funds.

Payment for bail bonds in Des Moines, IA can be made by cash or check, and most credit cards are accepted. In some situations, payment plans can be created when paying the full amount at once is not possible. Contact A Bail Co. Bill & Travis Rothmeyer if you find yourself or a loved one in a position where bail needs to be posted. They have been in operation since 1982, providing speedy bail bond services.

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