How Are They Enhancing Resident Experience with Pandemic Driven Tech Today?

Enhancing Resident Experience with Pandemic Driven Tech

The COVID pandemic has brought about changes most would have thought impossible. Now, millions are working from the comfort of home, and many more desire such a change. Businesses met this by collaborating with the tech sector to make operational changes.

Virtual 3D Tours are Enhancing Resident Experience with Pandemic Driven-Tech

Touring buildings was done in person for many years, but that is changing now. Using virtual touring tech has made it possible to see a property from a distance. In addition, it’s lessened the burden of scheduling as tenants may tour on their own time.

New Remote-Focused Tech for Management

From renters’ insurance to on-time payments, remote tech enhances the management experience. Check out the updates to the resident portal and see how they have incorporated changes.

Amenity Updates for Enhanced Health

Using integrated hardware to secure buildings makes them less of a health hazard. Furthermore, off-site storage solutions decrease traffic at the complex, lessening infection risk. Moreover, remote scheduling for amenities can decrease crowd density during peak hours.

Contactless Package Management

Most buildings use door-to-door delivery for online packages, and residents may schedule deliveries. As a result, fewer contacts are made at the office when residents get packages in the mail.

Reliable Home Internet and Smart Assistants

Reliable internet is much more important now that residents are working online. As such, maintaining a reliable wi-fi connection has become a top priority for many. Some buildings even offer virtual assistants to assist with tasks at home.

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