How an Attorney Can Help With Child Support in Suffolk County, NY

Whether you have recently separated from your child’s other parent or you have been divorced for several years, you may have issues with your Patricia Issberner Child Support in Suffolk County, NY and can benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney. If your financial situation or the financial situation of your former spouse has significantly changed since the child support order went into effect, an attorney can help you get the order modified so your child or children get the support they need without putting the other parent in a financial bind.

If your problem is that the court has ordered your child’s other parent to pay support and you are not receiving some or all of the money, a lawyer can help your case move through the court to enforce the order. Courts have tools to encourage absent parents to pay child support, including driver’s and professional license suspension, wage and income tax garnishment, property liens and, in extreme cases, incarceration. Your lawyer can get your case heard by the family court judge to ensure that your children get the money your former spouse was ordered to pay.

Many absent parents also enlist the help of lawyers when they are not able to pay the court ordered child support for their children. A lawyer may be able to help a non-paying parent modify their support order so they can pay a reasonable amount of support for their children. If you were ordered to pay support but have lost your job or are currently making less money and don’t have the ability to pay the court ordered amount, it is important to pay what you can until your attorney is able to get your order modified. Paying some of the court ordered child support enables your children to have the things they need and shows the court that you do have an intention to pay.

Patricia Issberner, Attorney at Law may represent the paying or receiving parent in child support cases. Whether you want to take your case to trial or utilize the lawyer’s skilled mediation services, you will be represented by one of the most qualified family law attorneys in New York.

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