How A Structural Brick Repair Service In Philadelphia, PA Keeps A Building Looking Beautiful

Brick has been used as an exterior surface for homes and businesses for hundreds of years and offers unparalleled durability when compared to other products. However, no matter how durable brick may be, it can become damaged due to exposure to the elements over time and require brick repair service in Philadelphia, PA. The following is a look at the most common issues to arise and how a knowledgeable technician can use their skill to restore a brick surface and keep it strong and visually appealing for years to come.

Mortar Joints

As brick is laid, a layer of mortar is placed between each piece to create a stable surface that will prevent the occurrence of air exposure and protect the interior structural components from outdoor elements. If the mortar between the bricks begins to chip away, it can lead to loose bricks, which can create safety hazards and allow air and water to more easily penetrate. A professional can replace the mortar and stain it so it matches the existing joint material and provides a visually pleasing final result.

Color Wash Application

In the 1800s, most builders applied a color wash over the surface of brick to increase its ability to stand up to water exposure and to prevent unsightly fading from occurring. As the wash ages, it can cause the brick to become dingy in color and, in some instances, begin to chip off and look unsightly. Though the original formula utilized a mixture of melted animal hides and natural pigment, new versions are made from hardier chemicals that can provide an extended lifespan.

Brick Replacement

If a brick becomes damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible. A brick repair service in Philadelphia, PA will be able to source blocks from a variety of vendors and, in most cases, locate antique bricks that will match the existing stone material. This allows a home to remain structurally sound and ensures a repair that is built to last and doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of a brick facade.

Repairs on a brick structure should be left to a qualified professional. The team at Mara Restoration offers a full line of mortar, stone, and brick repair services to keep any building beautiful. Visit the website to learn more and see how easy maintaining a stone structure can be.

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