How a Good Florist Makes it Easy to Choose Wedding Flowers in St. Louis

Planning a wedding involves making hundreds of choices, so smart brides get all the professional help they can. This is especially true when they are choosing flowers. A quality florist can guide customers and simplify the process of choosing Wedding Flowers in St. Louis. Experts will ask brides questions that help them make choices they will love. These inquiries often include:

  • WHAT IS YOUR STYLE?: Florists, such as the professionals at the Southern Floral Shop, know that weddings are as different as couples. Ceremonies and receptions can range from barefoot and beach side, to elegant church weddings and country club gatherings. Professionals can create floral arrangements to reflect almost any theme or style imaginable.
  • WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET?: Experienced florists are very good at making simple arrangements appear lush and expensive. They also know that there is a difference in the cost of flowers. When professionals have budget-conscious brides, they may suggest alternatives to traditional flowers. A bride may choose carnations instead of orchids or roses for her bouquet. She might select just boutonniere’s and simple corsages for the rest of the party. Floral experts are also amazingly adept at creating affordable, but beautiful, centerpieces.
  • WHAT ARE YOUR COLORS?: When choosing Wedding Flowers in St. Louis, couples often want seasonal colors. As a result, good florists will pay attention to wedding colors, to ensure that a bride who wanted a fall-themed wedding does not end up with summer-hued blossoms. Florists will also guide couples to make color choices that do not clash with other wedding elements.
  • WHAT IS YOUR VENUE?: When they choose wedding flowers in St. Louis, some brides want them to be very delicate. If this is the case, it important to consider whether a wedding will take place in a climate controlled setting, such as an air-conditioned church, or outdoors, in the heat of a June day. Although professionals are very good at preserving arrangements for as long as possible, they will educate brides about the affect that location can have on their flowers’ freshness.

The best florists pay close attention to customers who are ordering wedding flowers. Florists have the experience and talent to guide customers to choose arrangements that suit their style, budget, theme, and venue.