How a Funeral Chapel Ensures That Veteran Services are Included in Bel Air, MD Arrangements

Funeral directors are experts at handling the details that follow a death, and that includes ensuring that Veterans get the benefits that they are entitled to. Families may not even realize that the deceased is entitled to full Veteran services in Bel Air, but experts do. When survivors consult quality professionals, such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, professional staff members can arrange details that include:

VETERANS SERVICES: Funeral professionals are aware that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ensures that all Veterans have the option to be buried in any one of America’s 131 national cemeteries. They are also entitled to a headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. In addition, those who choose to be buried locally are entitled to dignified Veteran services in Bel Air that include a folded U.S. flag, presented by a member of the deceased’s branch of the military. Funeral directors can also arrange other specialized merchandise. They will notify the VA of a death, complete any required forms, and file claims.

PRE-PLANNING: Veterans may choose to pre-plan their services. Funeral professionals will walk them through their choice of memorial services and ensure that their wishes are met. Veterans need to bring discharge papers in order to qualify for full military benefits.

FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS: Families and Veterans who are arranging a funeral may choose traditional services that include visitation, and an honor guard. They can also select traditional caskets and burial. Funeral directors will also assist when clients choose cremation, which may or may not include the option to view the body.

THE DETAILS: As with any arrangements, funeral professionals ensure that Veterans’ bodies are picked up immediately from the place of death, and transported to a funeral chapel in Bel Air, MD. They may then be shipped to a desired location, prepared for viewing, or cremated, depending on arrangements. Funeral directors will also coordinate the desired music, flowers, programs, tributes, and more.

Funeral professionals can ensure that Veterans have funerals that include the military honors they are entitled to. Professionals can help Veterans pre-plan these arrangements, or assist families to design dignified services. These can include traditional ceremonies and burial, cremation, or any combination that clients choose.