How A Criminal Attorney In Orange County CA Can Help After An Arrest

When a person finds themselves in trouble with the law, it can be a very scary and unpredictable time. The best thing for them to do right after their arrest is to contact a criminal attorney in Orange County, CA, as there are several ways they can be helped to get through the court process more easily.

Emotional Support

Court trials come with a range of emotions; the person on trial can feel scared, embarrassed, and depressed. A criminal attorney can assist their client in navigating these emotions.

Provide a Reality Check

After an arrest, individuals might not fully grasp the severity of their situation or understand their chances of being found guilty. A criminal attorney can provide the defendant with a realistic idea of what to expect.

Work with Prosecutors for a Plea Bargain

A plea bargain involves an agreement between a criminal attorney and the prosecutors, in which the arrested person agrees to plead guilty to the crime in exchange for a reduced sentence. This approach is often employed when the likelihood of the defendant being found not guilty in court is low. A criminal attorney in Orange County, CA, can collaborate with the prosecutors to secure the most lenient sentence for the defendant.

Sentencing Programs

If a defendant is proven guilty of a crime, a criminal attorney can assist in devising a sentencing program. For instance, if the defendant is convicted of a drug-related charge, the attorney can strive to convince the judge to opt for sending the defendant to a rehabilitation facility instead of jail.

Prepare a Case

In the event that a defendant is innocent and wishes to take their case to trial, they would require the services of a criminal lawyer to prepare their case. The lawyer would gather as much evidence as possible to demonstrate the defendant’s innocence, utilizing police reports as well as findings from their own investigators.

Representation in Court

Once the case has been prepared, the criminal attorney would present it before the judge and a jury. They would deliver opening and closing statements, question witnesses on behalf of the defendant, and cross-examine witnesses on the prosecution’s side.

When a person is arrested, seeking the assistance of a criminal attorney is essential. For more information, you can contact ALL Trial Lawyers.

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