Household Appliance Service Experts in Henderson NV Discuss Avoiding a Dryer Fire

The task of washing and drying clothing is pretty common. However, house fires caused by dryers are more common than many people realize. It is crucial to keep a dryer in proper working condition and always call Household Appliance Service Experts in Henderson NV to maintain the safety of a home and family. There are a few simple steps to take to avoid dangerous dryer fires.

Install with Care

Have a professional install the dryer. They are more likely to be familiar with the manufacturer recommendations and know how to avoid a faulty vent pipe installation. A technician will ensure that the dryer’s vent pipe doesn’t bend, allowing opportunities for lint to buildup.

Clean the Filter Often

Excessive amounts of lint are the most common factor in household dryer fires. Take the time to clear the dryer’s lint screen after each load. Keep in mind, the lint collects in the screen right at the cavity, very close to the heating elements. This is why there is a greater risk for fire. Make a point to wipe down the interior of the dryer to remove any other unwanted lint.

Accordion Style Ducts

Most dryers are equipped with a 4 inch vent in the back, where a professional will connect the exterior vent with a duct. There are some plastic or foil accordion style ducts that are more susceptible to fire and should be replaced as soon as possible. The best option is a rigid metal duct to avoid lint clogs and blockages. This will also help avoid problems calling for repairs down the road.

Don’t Overload the Dryer

No matter how behind the laundry is, never overload the dryer. A heavy load is hard on the appliance and can cause the drum belt, spindle bearings, and pulleys to work harder than necessary. This causes increased temperatures. The friction caused from this can ignite a spark and that’s all it takes to start a fire.

Don’t Leave It Running When Away

As tempting as it can be to start a load of clothes before heading out for errands, don’t think about doing this if someone will not be home to stop a potential fire. For this same reason and for everyone’s safety, avoid running it while asleep.

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