House Painting Indianapolis : Choosing Wall Colors

With the right colors for your wall, it is possible to demonstrate your sense of style. While it can be a difficult decision choosing the right colors for the wall, you should not let the decision stress you. There are some expert tips that you can use to choose wall colors for your House Painting Indianapolis.

Understand the color wheel

One side of the color wheel consists of the cool and blue-based hues while the other side consists of the warm and yellow-based colors. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary colors. You can choose them, but complementary colors work best on a child’s bedroom. Related colors are usually located next to each other on the color wheel. They offer a dramatic monochromatic look- which can at times be boring.

Add a glossy frame

It is possible to improve any artwork by adding a beautiful frame and this applies also to your space. You can add flavor to the room by adding colors to the frame around the room such as trim work and doors. Use a gloss or semi-gloss paint to highlight the areas in a hue that complements the wall color. Use a glossy finish to add interest and sparkle. It can differentiate one room from the other and has the added benefit of durability.


To add appeal and interest, consider the texture of the space. If you are using a single or monochromatic color scheme, use wall texture to add warmth and depth. You can add paintable wall coverings, bead board or glazing over a painted surface to offer subtle interest and a 3-dimensional appearance.

Color for the furniture

Consider the fabric first when selecting furniture and accessories. This will make it possible for you to choose the color on the fabric for the wall. You can carry a swatch with you to the paint store and have the color matched.


Painting is a cheap way of making your home more sellable. By following these guidelines, you can give your space a breath of fresh air. To add sparkle to your House Painting Indianapolis, IN. Flora Brothers Painting has been affiliated with the CT BBB for the past many years -; attaining an A+ rating for their work.

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