Hot Handbag Colors for the Fashion Forward Retailer

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shopping

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If you are looking at adding fashion handbags to your inventory or have always had them and want to know what colors are in this season the Wholesale Fashion Handbags you should be purchasing are focused on some brights, nudes and naturals. Here are a few of the must have colors for 2014:

1. Cobalt: This bright blue is appearing in handbags and shoes in leather, suedes and faux materials. You will love the dash of bold blue in your shop and will see a strong reaction from you fashion forward customers.

2. Blush: This ever so pretty shade of pink is gorgeous in spring and will last well into summer. Feminine, light and refreshing, blush is the perfect shade of pink almost leading into peach. It will add the perfect touch to everything from pretty dresses to a cardi, jeans and flats.

3. Off White: Not the bright, pure white of retro macs and go go boots. This white is subdued and frosty and is seen with gold and silver metals for accents.

4. Orange: More like a pumpkin in October fields, this classic color has made its move from a warm traditional autumn color to a bright and vibrant spring hue.

5. Granny Apple: That green so bright and infused with fresh, summer memories is making its way onto handbags and shoes and adds a punch to any outfit.

6. Magenta: The opposite side of the pink spectrum from blush, this over the top neon pink is a punch of color that is smashing with smart spring suits and white or black trench coats with pretty trendy rubber rain boots.

7. Retro Green: What is retro green you might ask? It is a very specific green you would see on appliances in the 50’s as well as tiles, cars, dresses and even electric guitars. This is not the avocado green of the 70’s. Instead it is a subdued green that is bordering on sea foam.

8. Mustard Yellow: We are talking hot dog mustard yellow here, bright and friendly like a Chicago Dog.

9. Turquoise: Sophisticated turquoise like a Southbeach hotel front. Like an ocean in the Caribbean or an Old El Paso bolo tie.

These are some of the colors to add to your wholesale fashion handbags order for 2014.

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