Honolulu and its Beauty

Honolulu is situation on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and is a major world tourist destination. Many people not familiar with the geography of the Hawaiian Islands might easily confuse it as the Capital of Hawaii and that is technically true. However, Honolulu is the Capital of the State of Hawaii and not the island of Hawaii. Honolulu is in fact the ‘county seat of the City and County of Honolulu’. It also has the highest population in the entire State of Hawaii with over three hundred and ninety thousand people living there.

In the Hawaiian language ‘Honolulu’ means ‘place of shelter’ and in some respects this is true for the weather in the region. Because Honolulu is in a tropical storm zone in the northern Pacific, it is prone to high winds and heavy rain whenever a hurricane threatens to pass over. However, because of the terrain of the Big Island, many hurricanes actually alter their courses because of the volcanic mountains. This was particularly true in 2013 when Tropical Storm Flossie-not be mistaken for Hurricane Flossie in 2007-altered her course as she headed directly for the Big Island. In the end, Flossie was downgraded and did minimal damage.

Natural Landscape and Beauty

The Island of Oahu is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, with millions of visitors every year. The beauty of the island is largely due to the natural landscape as well as the tourist attractions that bring visitors to the area. Waikiki beach is one of the most famous beaches in the vicinity, and there is also Honolulu zoo, the museum or art, the Bishop museum and Diamond Head-the volcanic tuff cone-among many others. Those visiting for the first time might look out of the airplane windows in Honolulu, HI airport and wonder if they have touched down on another planet. Such is the beauty of the terrain and the warm humidity, along with the volcanic landscape, one could easily think that they are somewhere else. Honolulu’s warm tropical climate offers summertime temperatures around the mid-nineties on a good year, but a general average of about eighty-eight degrees. Winter is not really wintery, either, with low temperatures barely scraping out of the low seventies and rarely getting into the sixties.

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