Honda GL1200 Parts: Check these Regularly

The Honda GL1200 is essentially the younger sister of the Honda Goldwing. Like the Goldwing, Honda GL1200 parts are regularly available due to its popularity across the world. However, just like any other motorcycle, you will more than likely find yourself needing to perform routine maintenance checks on it. With that being said, here are a few Honda GL1200 parts that, in our opinion, are essential to the efficiency of your bike, and has absolutely everything you need.

You Have to Stop Sometime!
Good brakes are essential to your Honda GL1200. There’s nothing scarier than not being able to stop when you’re going 60 mph down the highway. In order to avoid this, you should check your brakes every two weeks or so. Now, you might be thinking, that’s a lot of money and visits to the mechanic! However, there are plenty of great websites for those of you who would like to learn how to properly check, and change, your brakes on your own.

You Don’t Want Your Suspension to Leave You Hanging
When it comes to all of the Honda GL1200 parts, the suspension is of unique importance. This part is responsible for absorbing the shock that naturally occurs when you ride your motorcycle. Without it, riding a motorcycle would be bumpy, and extremely uncomfortable. You have the suspension to thank for how fun it is to ride your GL1200, so why not take care of it and ensure that your rides in the future are comfortable?

The most efficient way to check the suspension in your motorcycle is by doing it whenever you check your brakes. This will help you know exactly what has stopped working and when to fix it.

Other Things to Consider
While your brakes and suspension are definitely important to the overall quality of your motorcycle, there are other Honda GL1200 parts to consider checking on a regular basis. These parts include:

  • The clutch – this part helps you shift gears.
  • The side mirrors
  • The silencer – this helps reduce the amount of noise your motorcycle makes while you ride it.
  • The fuel tank
  • The gear shift – this part and the clutch work together.

Okay, so now you know which Honda GL1200 parts need to be checked the most. The next step you need to take is to know where to get your parts. Sit down with your parts list and log on to and you’ll find parts specifically for the Honda GL1200!

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