Home Decorating: Ways to Use a Mirror in Atlanta, GA to Best Advantage

One of the ways people make houses into homes is by purchasing furnishings and accessories that are practical and attractive. At times, nothing but a Mirror in Atlanta GA will do in a given area of the home. Here are a few suggestions on how to use a mirror or two and be happy with the results.

Adding Life to a Narrow Foyer

Many apartment designs sport a narrow foyer. Since that space may not include much in the way of natural light, using a Mirror in Atlanta GA to add some visual interest to the space makes sense. Pair the mirror with a lamp and possibly a table that fits closely to the wall. The light from the lamp will reflect in the mirror and brighten up what would otherwise be a bland space.

Dressing Bookshelves

Who says that bookshelves are only for books? It’s easy to add life to a room by doing something a little different with each individual shelf. Include books in the mix, but don’t be afraid to add in framed pictures, silk greenery, candles, and a mirror or two. The mirrors can serve as the backdrop for an interesting piece of sculpture, a small amount of greenery, and a couple of carefully placed tea lights.

An Eclectic Collection Over a Fireplace

Instead of one large piece of wall art over a fireplace mantle, think about using several mirrors. Feel free to include different sizes and shapes in the collection. Create an interlocking pattern as a way to boost the visual interest. Adding some decorative candlesticks and tapers will look great, especially when the light from the candles reflects in those mirrors.

There are plenty of other ways to use a Mirror in Atlanta GA and be happy with the outcome. Take a look at the many options provided by MG Glass Inc today and begin finding ways to work more mirrors into the general decorating scheme. Remember to consider using a mixture of plain and ornate frames for each of those mirrors. Once they are in place, it will be easy to see how much they add to the home.

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