Home Care in Washington, D.C., Talks About Warning Signs of Dementia

While you cannot place it, you have recently noticed specific changes in Mom’s conduct. She has a slight increase in her forgetfulness. Her car keys go missing frequently. She does this occasionally, but you might be wondering if it’s dementia.

Professionals in home care in Washington, D.C. say that knowing the early warning signs to look for and what to do if they are spotted in a loved one is crucial because the illness now affects more than 6.5 million individuals aged 65 and older.

Less Interested in Normal Activities

Your loved one may have always enjoyed gardening but has stopped doing it now, or they may just be spending more time seeming bored and restless rather than doing enjoyable things.

Difficulty with Current Place and Time

For someone who is retired and no longer constrained by a timetable, forgetting that today is Thursday is pretty usual. Experts in home care in Washington, DC, say that it’s crucial to pay close attention to if they remember the current month and year.

Look at Their Finances

Are expenses being paid promptly? Is their checkbook balanced, or does it seem as if they are struggling with the family budget? The timely opening and handling of the mail is one important red flag. A mountain of unread letters is noteworthy.

Consider Their Judgment

Pay attention to their choices, including those regarding purchases. Places such as Capital City Nurses say to pay attention if they are donating a sizable sum of money. There could also be more innocuous errors of judgment, such as deciding to bake three batches of cookies when there is no one to share them with.

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