Home Care Assistance Is for All Ages and Situations

Think about this situation – you’re a new mother with a young child, a newborn, and a C-Section incision the approximate size of the Grand Canyon. You’re not allowed to run up and down the stairs, or lift anything heavier than your new baby. Help might be in short supply, and there’s that incision to keep clean, or maybe you’ve had complications with your incision. A skilled nurse can help with keeping you and your baby healthy and well.

Maybe you have a loved one with a PICC or CVC line, with medications and treatments being administered in the home. Nurses know how to clean, flush, and care for the catheters and the signs of complications. They can administer treatments and medicines via the catheters in the home, to children, adults, or the elderly.

What Kind of Home Care Assistance Is Available?

Home care takes many forms from companion care to help with the tasks of daily living, to skilled nursing where a licensed nurse is needed. Other specialties include post-operative and rehab care, where care, pain management, and rehabilitation come to the home instead of the patient spending excessive time in the hospital or a skilled nursing unit. Medication management keeps the patient in compliance with complicated regimes and makes sure that medicines are being taken at the correct times and dosages.

Help at Home

Home care assistance is not just for the elderly, but there when you and your family need more than a printout from the practice or hospital. Professional licensed nurses provide comfort, reassurance, and solid clinical skills that can manage all kinds of situations where friends and family might find themselves out of their depth. Get in touch with Capital City Nurses and find out about the services available in your Chevy Chase, MD home.

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