Hiring the Right Contractor for Residential Painting Services in Chicago IL

Paint that is peeling or checking can detract from the overall appeal of a home. Soft spots on window seals and floor boards can mean the presence of wood rot. Either of these situations can indicate the need for a paint job. Because painting a home entails more than just applying coats of paint, it’s essential to find the right contractor for Residential Painting Services in Chicago IL. A homeowner can use the following guidelines for this task.

A homeowner can start looking for the right paint contractor by getting referrals from trusted friends, family members, and friends. When possible, view the work done by the contractors being referred. It’s helpful to ask in depth questions to learn about the quality of customer care and workmanship each service provider offered. Narrow down the referral list to three contractors. Further research each one.

Continue the hiring process by scheduling an appointment with each contractor. Each meeting should include an interview and inspection of the areas to be painted. The following are a few questions to ask each paint contractor:

• Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

• Are you a member of any professional organizations?

• Do you have experience in glazing, stenciling, and other decorative procedures?

• Are you certified in the new EPA Law on Lead?

• Will you offer a price guarantee with your work?

Getting answers to these questions will enable a person to understand the each painter’s experience and methodology. It will also help a homeowner understand each painter’s philosophy towards his trade and customers. Each paint contractor should perform a comprehensive examination of the work areas. A homeowner should carefully watch the way this is done. When the paint contractor seems intend on doing a quick job, another contractor should be chosen from the referral list.

By considering all garnered information, a homeowner can find a paint contractor who can safely and effectively apply paint to his home. A homeowner will also be able to hire a paint contractor with a thorough knowledge of color spectrum. For more information on paint services, please talk to a Professional with O’s Decorating and Painting in Chicago IL. This company can handle Residential Painting Services in Chicago IL in addition to commercial painting and remodeling.

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