Hiring Roofers in Honolulu? Red Flags to Watch For

When it is time to repair or replacing the roofing on a home, hiring professional roofers in Honolulu is a must. However, many homeowners simply choose the first roofing contractor they come across. This isn’t the best course of action. If a homeowner doesn’t properly vet a roofer they are considering using, it may result in serious consequences down the road. The best way to avoid these consequences is by taking the time to find the right roofer for the job at hand. Some red flags that homeowners should be aware of when hiring a roofer are highlighted here.

Someone Who Wants to Work Without Permits

One of the main indications that a roofer is not going to provide quality work is if they want to handle the job without first seeking the proper permits. While not all roofing work requires a permit, if a Roofers in Honolulu state they don’t ever need this documentation, then it is a definite red flag.

Someone who Doesn’t Carry Insurance

If a contractor is coming onto a homeowner’s property to handle a job, they need to have the proper insurance. This includes workers compensation and liability insurance. As the roofer to see documentation of this coverage. If they cannot or will not provide it, then it is a definite red flag. A homeowner should never allow a roofer to come on their property without coverage. If an injury or some type of damage occurs, then the homeowner is going to have to pay for this out of pocket.

Someone who Knocks on the Door Offering Services

A homeowner should call a roofing service. They should never accept work done by someone going door to door and offering repair or replacement for the home’s roof. This is another red flag and a sign that a different roofer is needed.

If a homeowner is contemplating having the roof repaired or replaced, then it is best to call the professionals and to carefully vet the company being used. More information about these services can be found by those who contact us. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right roofer is hired.

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