Hiring Lawyers for Wills, Estates and Trusts in Huntersville, NC

Before hiring an estate lawyer, there are certain factors to consider. In this article, you will learn what you should know before hiring a lawyer to help you with Wills, Estates and Trusts in Huntersville, NC.

What will happen during the first consultation with a lawyer, and how much does it cost?

When getting your financial and legal affairs together, the first step is to call the offices of a few estate attorneys. The initial meeting is a great chance to pre-screen lawyers, to find the right one for your finances and your family. Ideally, its purpose is to get to know the attorney, and to get information specific to your case. You should leave the first meeting with a clear idea of what to do next.

Does the estate-planning fee include regular document review?

In many cases, individuals and families put together a trust or a will and think that their job is over. Then, a family member passes away, and their heirs find out that the documents aren’t up to date. Legal documents are not static in nature–they are living documents that need periodic review and updating. Your lawyer should offer continuing guidance, without an hourly fee.

Will the lawyer ensure that my assets are properly titled, or that my business remains in compliance?

You can have an ironclad will, but if assets are not properly structured, the documents are unenforceable. Make sure the lawyer you hire will not only put documents in place, but that they will ensure that your assets are structured correctly.

Can the lawyer help me pass on intangible things such as my spiritual and intellectual assets, or are they focused primarily on tangible/financial assets?

There is a growing movement where people are realizing that their wealth is more than just their bank balance. When working with an estate attorney, choose one that helps you pass on everything–including your values and what’s most important to you.

You should ask the above questions before hiring a lawyer to assist you with business and personal estate planning. When you find an attorney who has the right answers to these questions, hire them while you still can. Getting the right answers before hiring Lake Law Office can help you ensure that your legal documents will work when they are needed.