Hiring an Accident Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Many people think that no-fault insurance means that no one will be blamed for an auto accident. Actually, the term is meant to describe insurance benefit coverage that gets paid for injuries or death as a result of an auto accident, no matter who is at fault. It also means that no matter whose fault the accident is, each driver involved must claim their damages through their own insurance providers.

Minnesota is one of 12 no-fault insurance states in the US. Drivers have PIP (personal injury protection) coverage on their policies. If there is an accident, and the driver who is not at fault has medical expenses that are over and above their own PIP limits, they can make a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy within six months of the accident. Because this can get so confusing, it is often best to hire an accident attorney in Minneapolis, MN. Policy holders are required to carry a minimum of $40,000 per person in PIP coverage, which pays $20,000 for medical expenses, $20,000 for lost wages and replacement services. It also covers $2,000 for funeral expenses.

There are two types of insurance drivers in Minnesota must have. In addition to PIP for their own protection, the need to have liability insurance. This covers other drivers, and their passengers, who are not at fault in accidents. This coverage does not include vehicle repair, only medical bills and death benefits. An accident attorney in Minneapolis, MN can help accident victims wade through the paperwork involved and help them get the money they need for medical expenses.

The minimum amount of liability coverage required in Minnesota is $30,000 for injuries to one person, and $60,000 if two or more people are injured. Drivers must also carry $10,000 in liability insurance for vehicle and property damage. Anyone involved in accidents, including at-fault drivers, should contact an accident attorney in Minneapolis to help them through the insurance claim process.

Anyone who is in an auto accident should immediately contact an accident attorney in Minneapolis, MN. The insurance laws can be confusing, and everyone needs to be sure that they are going to get the best outcome from a bad situation.

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