Hiring A Tree Service in Somerville To Move A Tree

When someone has a small tree in their yard that they would like to move to another location on their property, they will need to hire a Tree Service in Somerville to help with the task. A landscaping service would know exactly when to move a tree so that it is not at risk of shock during the process. They would also have the appropriate means to move the tree so it thrives in its new place in the yard.

First, the tree service would come to the home to evaluate the soil where the tree is located. They would help the homeowner find an appropriate spot on their grounds to plant the tree so the soil is similar. They would make sure there are no electrical lines, heating lines, wells, or septic systems in the way of the tree. They would also check out plants in the area to make sure they are not fighting for moisture after the tree is replanted. The ground would then be prepared for the movement of the tree. Since trees need to be moved in cooler weather, a tarp may need to be placed over the hole until the tree is ready for movement. This will help keep the water from freezing.

A hole would be dug in the new location and it would be filled with water so the soil is moist enough to hydrate the tree after it is moved. The tree would then be dug from the ground and placed in the hole of water. The soil would then be replaced around the base of the tree. In many cases, a landscaping service would then add mulch around the base of the tree so moisture is retained in the soil.

If someone has questions about the process of moving a tree, they can call a local Tree Service in Somerville to give them the answers needed. Browse our website to find out what services are offered and to find out contact information if desired. A call can then be made to schedule an evaluation of the tree or to get pricing information.

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