Hiring A Social Security Disability Attorney In Lancaster County

Most people need help trying to navigate the maze that is Social Security Disability. People assume that all they have to do is apply, and they will receive benefits. Unfortunately, there is a complicated set of rules and regulations. There are many variables as to whether one receives benefits, including how long they’ve been sick, the nature of their illness, and the last time they worked.

People may apply for disability benefits through one of two programs. The Social Security Disability Insurance Program is for people who have worked and paid into Social Security. On the other hand, the Supplemental Security Income Program has no contribution requirements. To receive SSI, a person must be disabled, blind, or aged 65 and older. A Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri explains that applicants must also have low income and few resources. To receive SSDI, individuals must have worked some part of five of the last ten years, before they became disabled. If approved, benefits are based on the personal earnings record. If you are denied, hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri.

Proving disability is a crucial part of being approved for benefits. Applicants must have a physical or mental illness that prevents them from doing any work, and is expected to last one year, or result in death. It is up to the applicant to prove that he or she meets the criteria. That is why applicants may need the services of Grundy Disability Group LLC Social Security Disability Attorney. There are other factors that may lead to someone being denied. People with disabilities based on drug and alcohol addiction will be denied. Medical consultants must determine if they would be disabled if they stopped using drugs and alcohol. People who are disabled, during the commission of a felony, are also ineligible for benefits. Likewise, no benefits are given to people who are injured in prison. If you are denied for benefits, call the Law Offices of Grundy Disability Group LLC. They have been helping people receive benefits for many years.

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