Hiring A Service To Do A Foam Roof Repair Tucson

If a business has a foam rooftop, the owner will want to take the necessary steps in caring for it properly, so it lasts for years. When a foam roof has a crack present, it will need to be filled and covered by a professional business that deals with Roof Repair in Tucson. Here are some of the steps a roofing company would do to ensure a crack is cared for properly.

The Roof Will Be Cleaned In Its Entirety

A roofing company will take the time to clean the entire foam roof with the appropriate cleaning agents. This will allow them to see if there are additional areas that need to be tended to at the time of the crack repair. This will also allow them to fill in the crack without obstructions in the way, so it will provide a tight seal against further leaks.

The Crack Will Be Filled In Appropriately

A roofing company will use an SPF-Compatible roofing caulk to fill in the crack. This will be inserted far into the crack, so it provides protection against moisture accumulation. The caulk will harden, providing a barrier, so additional water will not be able to penetrate through to the underlying wood.

Another Layer Of Foam Will Be Added

After the caulk dries, a roofing company will add a thin layer of foam over the affected area. This will provide even more protection against leaking. A roofing company will know what type of foam to use. Since foam rooftops are construction from acrylic, urethane, or silicone, it is important to use the same type of agent when adding another layer to the roof.

When there is a need to do a foam Roof Repair Tucson, hiring a professional will ensure the job is done correctly. Call a roofing company to get estimates for this type of repair work beforehand if desired. Contacting a business like Ralph Hays Roofing ensures the job will be done properly at a price that can’t be beaten. One can call this company directly, or browse website they have available to find out more about the services they offer to their customers.

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