Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer In Tampa, Florida To Handle Your Claim

When you are injured in an accident, the insurance company offers a quick settlement. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster cares more about saving the company money than your injuries. Before settling a personal injury claim, people should consult with a lawyer and make sure all injuries are healed. Individuals have a personal injury claim when their injuries are caused by the wrongdoing of someone else.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa, FL. H. Dennis Rogers handles cases in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida area. Click Here and visit the company website at Hdennisrogers.com. To prove negligence, a victim must show that someone failed to fulfill a duty to them. For example, in a slip-and-fall, the property owner must make sure the area is safe to walk in. However, the victim has a duty to look out for their own safety. The court looks at the comparative liability of each party. In these cases, the judge decides how much liability the property owner has, and the rest is assigned to the victim.

A wrongful death claim is another type of personal injury claim. A wrongful death claim must include negligence, recklessness or an intentional act. Examples of negligence include drunk driving and having hazardous conditions on a piece of land. Recklessness would include drag racing, and intentional acts include murder. Talk to the Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa, FL, about handling the wrongful death case. He will explain that survivors are entitled to fair compensation for the value of a loved one’s life. Family members can file a wrongful death suit, even if the negligent party is charged with a crime.

Preparing to go to trial and testify can be scary. Fortunately, settlements can be reached at any point in a case. The insurance company may offer to settle after reviewing the medical records, lost wages and other damages. The lawyer helps a plaintiff decide if they would get a better award at trial, or whether they should settle. It is mandatory in many states to attend mediation or a settlement conference before going to trial. The personal injury lawyer protects your rights and makes sure you get proper monetary damages.