Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton After a School Bus Accident

When a parent puts their child on a school bus, they do so with the expectation that their child will arrive at school safely. However, accidents do occur; children can make it off the bus safely but be hit by a car. In such cases, bus companies and schools are sometimes held liable for the injuries. Below are some instances in which these entities can be held liable.

Dropping off on the Wrong Side of the Road

In some personal injury cases involving school buses, parents have recovered because the driver negligently dropped the child off on the wrong side of the road. If a driver lets a child off on the opposite side of the road from the bus stop, and another vehicle hits the child, the driver is liable.

Stopping too far Away From the Curb

If a driver stops the bus too far away from the curb, an accident may occur. In one case, a child was able to recover after exiting the bus and being hit while crossing at the rear. The driver was deemed negligent for not stopping far enough to the right, and for not parking at the minimum eight feet from the center of the road.

Failing to Observe Oncoming Traffic

Some courts have held bus drivers liable for not looking out when children are getting off the bus. In one case, a driver was deemed negligent for letting children out while trucks were passing; a child was hit and the parents made a successful recovery.

Improper Use of Lights

Every state requires bus drivers to use a stop bar and flashing lights to warn traffic before letting children off the bus. In some states, drivers are required to have students cross in the front so they remain visible. If a driver does not follow these rules, there is a case for negligence per se (where the negligence is automatic because a law was not followed).

Hiring an Attorney After a Child is Injured

Any injury to a child results in difficulty and distress to their parents. If you believe your child was hurt because a bus driver was negligent, you should call a personal injury lawyer in Bremerton or Visit Anthonyotto.com right away. It can be difficult to prove your case, but a lawyer can help you hold the bus company, driver or school liable so that you can make a successful recovery.

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