Hiring A Long Distance Moving Company

When it comes to moving locally, you can ask a friend with a pickup truck or a van and do a lot of the moving yourself. Yet, when it comes to going the distance in Naples FL, a long distance moving company is your best option. This requires you rethinking several things – including the case of beer and pizza you usually pay your “movers” with. You need to sit down and seriously consider how you will find the best mover for the job.

First Considerations when Moving Long Distances

When it comes to long distance moving, you need to take greater care when finding and hiring a moving company. While it may be fine to hire the first company that comes to mind, this is not usually the best choice. It is important you select one that has a reputation for handling long distances. Why is a long distance moving company different? Consider:

  • The distances a driver must travel

  • The load the vehicle must carry for long distances

  • The experience a driver needs to handle the load and the route

  • The packing required

  • The logistics such a move involves

If you want to reduce the stress of moving, make sure your initial list consists of those companies who handle long distance moves and have substantial experience in the area.

Qualifications of a Long Distance Moving Company

As noted previously, experience in moving goods and household items long distances regularly is a basic requirement of a good long distance moving company in Naples FL. This means hiring someone who may live and be positioned in Naples FL but is familiar with and regularly drives not only throughout the state but also outside it. Yet, finding and hiring the right mover means more than selecting someone who is capable of driving long distances. You also need a moving company that:

  • Is reliable – talk to previous clients and find out whether they are on time both with their pick-ups and deliveries. Check the internet for any reviews on their services

  • Has been in business for years – a company that has survived for decades indicates a company that is “making all the right moves.” It also indicates stability, reliability and quality. If it did not possess these qualities, the long distance moving company would not have lasted this long

  • Is not an agent working for someone else or farming out the actual work to another mover. It is one thing to have associates and another to have little to no responsibility for the actual moving

Once you have determined this is the long distance moving company in Naples FL for you, make sure you get a home visit and an estimate. Get everything in writing and keep track of all the paperwork connected with this move. After that, move on to the next phase and get packing.

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