Hiring a Landscaping Service in Anaheim to Make Changes Regarding Trees in a Small Yard

When someone is finally able to buy a little house with a small backyard in a Los Angeles suburb, the person is excited about this dream finally coming true. Urban Landscaping Service in Anaheim can work wonders for small yards in the city, using drought-tolerant plants and strategies that make the property seem bigger. One important aspect of this endeavor is having overgrown trees trimmed back. Some might even be removed to create additional space.

Opening up the Area

Although removing trees from residential property can be troubling to a new owner, sometimes this is the only way to open up the area so other landscaping can be done. If the new homeowner wants to have a place for outdoor relaxation with lawn or patio furniture, a thicket of trees may have to go.

New Tree Planting

Of course, new ones can be planted and trimmed more routinely, perhaps every year or two by a Landscaping Service in Anaheim. The owners might want to have at least one flowering tree for the colorful beauty and appealing fragrance.

Considering the Front Yard

If there is any yard space in front of the house, the owners may consider making changes there too. In this type of setting, a big tree may be a bit overwhelming as it blocks much of the view from the home and may look aesthetically out of place. A pair of small trees might be planted and trimmed back so they never reach more than 4 or 5 ft. tall.

Shrubs, Bushes and Trees on the Borders

Tall shrubs or bushes planted on the yard’s borders can create some privacy from next-door neighbors without actually having a solid barrier. By keeping trees close to those borders, it frees up the rest of the yard for other use and landscaping possibilities. Hanging container plants around the home add greenery without taking up land space. The makeover results can be superb, with the neighbors expressing their admiration for the significant changes. For any trimming or removal of trees currently on the property, the new owners may call a contractor such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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