Hiring A Guardianship Lawyer In Milwaukee To Deem A Parent Unfit

A Guardianship Lawyer in Milwaukee affords you with the opportunity to seek custody in cases where the biological parent is unfit to raise the child. In these cases, it is necessary to navigate through proper channels such as filing a report with social services. To obtain custody with the intent to seek guardianship, you must prove that the child is at risk by remaining with his or her biological parent. The process allows you to acquire temporary custody until a formal hearing.

Deeming a Parent Unfit

You may acquire guardianship of a minor family member if you can prove in court that the biological parent is unfit. Common reasons for seeking legal guardianship are child abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or neglect. Your first step of this journey is to contact an attorney to assist you in addressing a judge. Next, you file a report with social services through the court to acquire an investigation. The findings of this investigation provide you with proof. Your attorney may additionally acquire proof to support your claim. The court assigns a child advocate lawyer for the minor child which allows him or her to share testimony.

Family Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Michael D. Sanger provides you with legal representation in guardianship cases. These attorneys help you file the necessary reports and to address the judge. Initially, the attorney helps you seek temporary custody stating that the child is at risk and explaining to the judge the nature of these risks. This attorney assists you in the formal hearing by providing unarguable proof to show that the biological parent is a danger to the child. If you would like to seek custody of a minor family member who is at risk contact this law firm and schedule an appointment. For further details about guardianship and child custody visit website.

By hiring a Guardianship Lawyer in Milwaukee, you may acquire custody of a minor family member who is at risk. In this process, it is necessary for you to provide proof of these risks. Your first step is to address the judge and file a complaint with social services. This will provide you with temporary custody of the child until a formal hearing. During this formal hearing the judge will address the findings for the investigation conducted by social services. Your attorney presents any evidence that has been gathered in addition to these findings.

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