Hiring a Good Theft Defense Law Attorney in Emporia, KS, for Your Case

Theft is a serious offense in the state of Kansas. Depending on how much was stolen during the crime, the person accused of committing it could be charged with a felony. Felony convictions result in significant time in state prison.

When you find yourself charged with this offense, you need to hire a good theft defense law attorney in Emporia, KS, to represent you. Your legal team can be instrumental in keeping you out from behind bars and possibly beating the charges against you.

Proving Innocence

When you are the victim of mistaken identity or malicious accusations, you bear the burden of proving that you did not commit the crime. Your lawyer can present evidence to prove that you were not at the scene of the crime. He or she can also put doubt into the minds of the jurors so that they cannot convict you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bargaining Down the Charge

If you did commit the crime, you may not necessarily merit time in jail. If it is your first offense, you could ask the judge through your lawyer for community service, probation, or another form of lesser punishment.

Your legal team can advise you on how best to defend yourself in court. You can find out more about hiring a theft defense law attorney in Emporia, KS, online. Contact the Helbert & Allemang Law Offices today.

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