Hiring a Car Accident Law Firm: Understanding Minneapolis Laws

The aftermath of an accident often has consequences lasting years beyond the actual event. In Minneapolis, MN, a dedicated car accident law firm understands this. They are there to make certain you know the law as it applies to your situation and to fight to make sure you get compensation.

The Laws

In Minnesota, the law dictates that insurance companies must provide no-fault auto insurance. It is an integral component of every single automobile insurance policy. This type of insurance guarantees insurance benefits to everyone involved in an automobile accident regardless of causal fault.

In addition to this form of insurance, vehicles are required to have both personal injury and liability insurance. The former covers basic losses to your economic situation by dealing with such things as medical expenses resulting from the accident; the latter takes into consideration the answer to the question: “Who was at fault (negligent) for the car accident?”

The driver must also have taken out both Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance. This covers situations, where the individual involved, may have no or insufficient insurance.

Hiring a Car Accident Law Firm

While the specific type of laws governing car accidents may be clear, understanding them is not so simple. Hiring a car accident law firm clarifies the process. It can determine, in addition to no-fault insurance, whether you can make a claim for negligence. In Minneapolis, this could mean distracted driving, speeding, going too slow or driving under the influence. This increases the chances of receiving a just settlement.

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