Hire an Attorney with Knowledge of Workers’ Comp Law in Twin Falls, ID

Workers’ compensation covers employees who have been injured on the job or who suffer an occupational injury. Navigating workers’ comp law in Twin Falls, ID alone can be difficult, especially when an employer is providing the injured worker with incorrect information. After an injury or diagnosis of an occupational disease, an employee should contact a supervisor immediately.

After the notification has been given to a supervisor, the injured individual should seek medical treatment and contact a workers’ compensation attorney. Filing a claim and completing all of the necessary paperwork is necessary in order to receive compensation. Employers are not usually helpful in these types of situations because they do not want their insurance rates to be increased due to a claim.


When a worker has work-related injuries or an occupational disease, they are entitled to have all necessary and reasonable medical bills paid for treatment of their situation. If the medical bills are rejected, an attorney can intervene to make sure they are paid, and a worker receives the treatment they need. Sometimes an employee can visit their own doctor, or they might have to visit their employer’s doctor if they do not think they are receiving the correct care.


An injured worker is entitled to receive 67% of their pay when they are unable to work. Partial benefits are available when a worker is only permitted to work part-time.


A worker will be compensated when they have a physical limitation or loss, such as back surgery, chronic pain, severed fingers or limbs, and many other losses. Whatever the loss is, the doctor under the workers’ comp law in Twin Falls, ID will rate it. If a worker does not agree with the rating, an attorney can help them receive an independent medical examination.

Permanent Disability

Additional benefits might be available for injured workers who are unable to return to their job. In certain situations, vocational training may be available for a worker to get another employment.

Don’t let an injury at work ruin your financial future. Schedule an appointment with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney and find out more about your rights.

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