High-Quality Body Piercing Jewelry for Men and Women of All Ages

Body piercing looks pretty simple. Take a needle, poke a hole, stick in jewelry. Perfection is the key, though, and to ensure perfect piercing, use only quality piercing tools. While piercing needles are the essential tools, they are not the only ones you need to perform proper, sterile, and safe — perfect — piercings.

Piercing Tools, Kits, and Parts

Different tools and kits are available, including:

  • Sterilized body piercing needles
  • Beads and parts

Lion Gothic Piercing Kits

Kits offer the most savings for purchasing piercing tools. Featured items include:

  • Lion Gothic Professional Piercing Kit 10 Pieces
  • 10-Pcs Septum Piercing Kit – Horseshoe Circular, Septum, Needle, Forceps, Gloves Septum Clicker with Blue CZ Jewels
  • 12-Piece Barbells Piercing Kit – Includes (6) 14g Barbells, (2) Needles, (1) Forceps, (2) Alcohol Wipes, and a Pair of Gloves
  • Lion Gothic Professional Piercing Kit with Surgical Steel Jewelry- 174 pcs
  • And many, many more

Lion Gothic tools are excellent for achieving great piercings.

Before and After Piercing

A few suggestions to prepare for a piercing and after-piercing care include:

  • Eat a couple of hours before getting pierced. Also, do not drink caffeine or energy drinks. These will thin your blood and may make you antsy.
  • After a piercing, soak the area with a warm, mild sea salt solution.

Call Today

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