Helping Our Bodies With Massage Oahu

There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage. But, did you know that massage does a lot of other things for the body? Massage relaxes tense muscles. by improving blood flow to the sore area. This actually reduces swelling and stiffness, while increasing flexibility. The main benefit of relaxing muscles is getting pain relief. Massage Oahu can even help the blood pressure. Studies show that regular massage therapy lowers the blood pressure. Massage helps the immune system to regulate itself. Massage has been shown to increase the number of “killer cell’s” in the immune system. These cells help the body fight off infection and other illnesses. One of the main things that massage does is help the body to breathe properly. This may sound strange. But, proper breathing is critical to our well being. Proper breathing helps the body to relax. The benefits of improved breathing are: more relaxation, the mind re-creates relaxation before stress becomes chronic and increases in energy level.

Massage helps erase the symptoms of migraine or tension headaches. Massage eases the pressure brought on by a headache. The therapist focuses on the neck, shoulders and head–decreasing headache pain. Massage helps people who are in rehabilitation due to injuries. Massage increases circulation and increases the oxygen flow to the injured area. The injured area becomes more flexible and heals quicker. Massage Oahu also helps with pain management while recovering from an injury. Respiratory conditions like sinus problems and asthma benefit from massage therapy. Anne Williams, director at Associated Body & Massage Professionals, says there are many accessory respiratory muscles in the front and back of the upper body. Williams says a rhythmic, percussive stroke performed on the back loosens mucus in the lungs. She adds, “this increases airway clearance for better lung function.” We all have only one body. Taking care of that body should be a top priority. By adding regular massage to our routines, we help our body in many different ways.

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