Helpful Therapy

Applied behavior analysis Queens NY is designed to help people with autism and other developmental disabilities to live a better life. This type of therapy offers gentle guidance for parents and caregivers who need to learn better ways of how to communicate and understand their children. This therapy may also assist children, teens and adults with doing well in new settings and surroundings.

We provide a customized treatment plan for each of our patients. During the intake session, we spend a lot of time observing. We also ask the parent or caregiver plenty of questions. We may ask for the client’s medical history in order to formulate the best type of behavior plan. This is because physical disabilities such as swallowing disorders or low muscle tone can also have an impact on a child’s ability to socialize and communicate.

Our approach is integrated. We strive to help each of our patients reach their full potential. When the client is able to, we focus on their stated goals. Perhaps the child wants to be able to sing a song or get their first job. We aim to reach the child’s or young adult’s goal so that they can live a satisfying life. Our treatments focus on the patient’s strengths. Perhaps the child is excellent at drawing. We focus on that talent in order to improve behavior.

When you are in need of applied behavior analysis Queens NY for your child or a child who is under your care, contact us at Path 2 Potential. We offer therapy for people with autism and other types of developmental disabilities. Our therapists care for children, teenagers and adults.

Give us a call today in order to schedule an appointment. You may also learn more about us and our services online at Path 2 Potential any time.

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