Heating Lansdale PA: Tips for Keeping Your Bill Down

Having Heating Lansdale PA in your home is necessary to get through the winter if you live somewhere that is prone to cold temperatures. If you have to run the heat for the majority of the day all winter, it gets expensive. There are many things that you can do to reduce your Heating Lansdale PA costs during the winter. Some things will not cost you any money at all and just require a small change. There are other things that you can do to save more money that will require a small investment, but the investment will pay for itself in one winter.

First of all, turn down your thermostat. While you are away for a few hours, like at work, turn down the thermostat by 10 degrees. You may want to consider also turning it down at night when you go to bed because you can always add more blankets to your bed to stay warm. Each degree can save you 3% on your bill. You should also turn down the water heater to 115 to 120 degrees. This will reduce the power used to heat the water without changing the water temperature too much. This will also make the water temperature safer for everyone in the house by preventing accidental scalds.

To make it easier to take advantage of times when you can turn the thermostat down, like when at work or while you are in bed, you can buy a programmable thermostat to do the work for you. You just set the schedule and the temperature and it does the rest. This is very helpful in keeping the temperature regulated as well because when you are constantly adjusting the thermostat, you are using energy. You can purchase a thermostat for under $100 and you can even get a professional such as Horizon Services Inc. to install it for you. In addition to turning down your water heater, you should also consider helping it stay warm. If it is in an unheated space, buy a jacket for it that is insulated. This under $20 purchase will keep your costs down by keeping out some of the cold that will cool down your water as soon as its heated up.

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