Heating in Harrisburg, PA is Guaranteed With A Planned Maintenance Contract

You have probably experienced the loss of heat because the heating system was not working properly. The furnace fails on the coldest day of the year because this day is usually when it has to work the hardest, and any potential problems will be sure to become real problems. There is a way to ensure that your heating system is at peak operating condition when winter arrives. A planned maintenance contract that takes effect before the season starts will ensure heat will be available unless a storm disrupts the power lines. A maintenance contract will provide for your HVAC unit to be cleaned and evaluated twice a year by an expert HVAC technician.

During the evaluation, the major parts of the heating system will be thoroughly inspected. The blower assembly, the pulleys and the belts that operate the blower are inspected and cleaned. The belts may need adjusting to ensure that the motor operates the blower properly. The motor housing should be cleaned to prevent heat buildup in the motor. Lubricating the motor if it has ports for this purpose is necessary. All of the furnace parts should be vacuumed to create a dust-free environment for the burners and other parts to function properly.

The burners should have flames that are even and blue in color. The burner control should cleaned and adjusted. If the furnace has a pilot light, the dust should be blown off of it so that it doesn’t cause a misread by the sensor. The sensor should be cleaned with a fine piece of sand paper.

Heating in Contra Costa County, CA can perform these checks and maintenance as required. There are many other adjustments that need to be made. A planned maintenance contract will ensure that all items which need to be maintained will be checked for operational efficiency.

Checking the vents for the proper air flow is important for an even distribution of the heat throughout the house. Air leaks can occur where the vents are joined together, and when this happens a lot of heat loss will occur before the heat ever gets to the rooms. If one room is colder than another room, then this may be the problem.

Have your furnace inspected by an experienced technician and keep warm when the snow blows.

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