Healthy Reasons to Choose Pork Jerky

Think back to the last time you went grocery shopping—how many unhealthy snacks did you see as you walked down the aisles? Since there are so many unhealthy options on the market, it’s important to stock your kitchen with foods that are more nourishing. One popular snack is jerky—delicious, nutritious, and easy to eat! You’ve probably heard of beef jerky, but did you know there’s also jerky made from pork? Here are some of the reasons you should choose pork jerky the next time you need a healthy treat:

* Vitamins

Pork has high concentrations of many necessary vitamins, which makes it a great choice for healthy snacking! Among others, pork contains particularly high levels of thiamin (which boosts metabolism), phosphorus (which promotes bone strength), and vitamin B12 (which helps produce red blood cells).


Since fat retains moisture, excess fat gets trimmed off of meat before it is dried and turned into jerky. This means—you guessed it—that jerky is a low-fat snack! With so many processed and fattening foods out there these days, low-fat options are a must; if you’re working towards a weight-loss goal, pork is the perfect choice for a filling and healthy snack.


Protein provides your body with energy and helps build and maintain muscle. Since pork—like all meats—is mostly comprised of protein, it’s a great snack to eat when you’re trying to stay in shape. After your next workout session at the gym, have some jerky for a post-exercise energy boost!
Try grabbing some pork jerky the next time you’re stocking up on healthy snack options. And if you prefer to do your shopping online, there are even websites where you can purchase jerky in bulk (like Divine Bovine Jerky). Making healthy choices has never been easier!

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