Healthy Feet in Racine, WI: How to Avoid Bunions from Developing

Everyone’s heard of bunions, and no one wants them. The following are a few tips to prevent a bunion in Racine.

A Good Fit

Your shoes need to fit well if you want to avoid a bunion in Racine. A good-fitting shoe is a little loose and has a wide toe box. A good shoe will support your arch. If you wear heels, they shouldn’t be more than two inches. If you get this right, you won’t only prevent bunions, but you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

Night-time Shopping

If you’re planning to try on new shoes, it’s best to do this at night. Feet tend to swell up as the day goes on, so your feet are a bit bigger at night. If you try on shoes early in the morning, your shoes might be too tight by the time night falls. This is a good way to prevent returning shoes later because they don’t fit.

Foot Doctor

The next thing you should do is talk to your foot doctor. This person can tell you if you are doing anything that could put you at risk of developing bunions. Many conditions could put you at risk, such as having flat feet. The good thing is that the foot specialist can spot these issues and help you address them.

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